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  • What brand of beads do you use or recommend?

    I use Perler brand beads and Artkal fuse beads. Artkal has the best color selection, however, Perler beads are less expensive.

  • Where is the best place to buy beads?

    For big orders, I recommend buying directly from the distributor as you can often get a discount for orders of multiple beads.


    If you're looking for a few things here and there, Local craft stores like Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabric tend to carry Perler beads and will often to have sales and/or coupons.

  • What temperature setting should my iron be?

    This depends on your patience, your preferred style of fusing or melting, and your iron. Any setting on your iron between Wool and Linen will start to fuse the beads. If you want a less fused, more beaded look, use a lower setting. If you prefer a more fused, melty look to your projects, use a higher setting.

  • What is the best method for ironing?

    Personally. I prefer and recommend the taping method of fusing your beads over ironing directly on the board. Over time, your pegboards can become warped due to the applied heat and pressure. The taping method allows for preservation of your boards and security and stability of your beads while ironing.

  • What is the taping method?

    The taping method is a means of ironing your artwork off of the pegboard via masking tape. The idea is to place masking tape over the beads and lift them off of the pegboard allowing you to use the pegboard for another project. You can find more details on this particular ironing method in our blog

  • Where do I find patterns?

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  • Is it okay to use this pattern/artwork?

    All free patterns listed weekly in our blog are free to use and redistribute with proper credit. Free patterns can be used for personal creations and for commercial sale.


    All paid patterns are not to be distributed without expressed permission. You may distribute pictures of your created work but you may not under any circumstances redistribute the patterns to others whether publicly or privately.


    Pixel art can be recreated via beads without expressed permission from the original artist as you are creating it in a different medium. However, inspiration deserves credit. Please credit all artists and inspiration to pay it forward.

  • What type of paper or ironing film should I use?

    Most people use parchment paper or wax paper, and both have their pros and cons. Wax paper is typically thinner than Parchment paper and therefore, can be easier to determine the look of your beads as the paper is somewhat translucent. However, Wax paper can leave a waxy film on your ironed piece. Parchment paper shouldn't leave any residue, but because it's a thicker material, it can be harder to see through the paper to tell how well your beads are fused.


    The best solution is to use our Deluxe Ironing Film! It has a higher heat resistance over competing materials like PVC. It's clear, allowing you to see your project and beads as you iron them. It also leaves a glossy finish to your ironed beads making them shiny. This is by far, the best option for beginners and seasoned artists alike. Visit our Etsy for details on how to purchase packs of our Deluxe Ironing Film.



  • Orders

    All orders and purchases from our shop are placed through You will be redirected to the listing and can complete your purchase securely through Etsy.


    Each Pierce Perler Pack of beads is hand-counted. Please allow 1-2 weeks for orders of 25 packs or more.

  • Payment

    Payments are expected within 24-48 hours of placing your order. In the event of a non-payment, a friendly reminder email will be sent regarding your order. If payment is not received within 48 hours, negative feedback will be left on the buyer and the listing will be revoked. Pierce Pop Art does not deal with non-paying customers and will not sell to said customers again.

  • Shipping

    All items are shipped via UPS Ground and customers will be provided with a tracking number for your order. All items are packed with proper packing materials to ensure a safe arrival. Items in stock are shipped within 3-5 business days. If your item is not in stock, custom made, made-to-order, etc. it will be shipped within 3-5 business days of project completion. If you are buying multiple items, please let us know and we can work out a shipping deal for your specifically purchased items.


    All Pierce Pop Art pieces are shipped undamaged; if your package arrives damaged, immediately take a picture and open the box to ensure your artwork is not damaged. If you notice any major damages (please note that occasional nicks and blemishes may occur on handmade work) take a picture and send it to me so that we can work out a compromise with either UPS or between the seller/buyer.


    ALASKA, HAWAII, & INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: All buyers are welcome, however, due to the uncertainty of shipping costs, an assessment will be made to calculate shipping to your specific country and/or Alaska or Hawaii. All fees regarding shipping/customs fees will be paid for by the buyer. Please contact the seller first to secure the correct shipping costs to your location.

  • Refunds & Exchanges

    Pierce Pop Art has a no refund/exchange policy on custom orders.


    No refunds or exchanges will be given for Pierce Perler Packs. If you are missing beads from a Pierce Perler Pack, we will send you the additional beads free of charge.


    Refunds may be given at our discretion based on but not limited to:

    • Orders severely damaged in shipping

    • Unforeseen issues regarding availability


    The buyer agrees to pay any and all shipping fees for refunded and/or returned orders.



  • Placing a custom order

    Want a custom order? Contact us via our website OR request a "custom order" on Etsy regarding your desired project and we will provide a quote based on your inquiry.

  • Custom order policy

    Custom orders are taken by request and are not guaranteed. We do not accept large projects as they can be difficult to create and ship. If you're interested in learning more, contact us about your custom order.

  • Custom order payments

    Payments must be received in full before commissioned/custom order work can begin. Due to the nature of custom work, any requested commissions will not be listed via Etsy. For custom orders, we will bill you directly via PayPal. NOTE: Shipping costs are not included in your commissioned quote. Please see Custom Order Shipping for more details.

  • Custom order shipping

    Custom orders require special shipping and will need a separate quote upon your finished commissioned piece. Custom order shipping will also be billed via PayPal. Your commissioned piece will not be shipped until your shipping payment has been received.





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