Bruno has been playing drums for 20 years and has been a worship drummer for over 15 years. 
Drums & Percussion

Hello, I'm Bruno and I've been a drummer for nearly 20 years now. People often use the term "pocket drummer" when describing me and my playing style. I find the groove quickly and settle in nicely. As a Christian, I've been a worship band drummer for 18 years and have served weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly at several churches as an on staff drummer. My main musical influences stem from 70s/80s/90s Rock and Pop along with the driving back beats of EDM.


Surprise! I'm a left-handed drummer. Although, I'm dominantly right-handed, I'm for the most part, ambidextrous. I was in Marching Band in High School where I was under the tutelage of former/current Drum Corps instructors from the Cadets. Because of their instruction and tutoring, I was able to develop advanced techniques in odd time signatures, unique sticking patterns, and dynamic range.


I have also served in a worship band since the moment I started drumming. This has allowed me to approach drumming in a different way. As a musician in a worship band, your job isn't to show off and draw attention to yourself, it's to blend in with what the music calls for and support the music and message as a whole. This, coupled with my background in marching band, has allowed me to play quieter than most drummers (great for smaller venues) with finesse and a metronome like sense of time.


I'm currently looking to fill the role as a session/studio drummer or fill-in / gig drummer for the PDX area. I'm interested in playing with or joining cover/tribute bands of any of the influences referenced, including 70s/80s/90s Pop and Rock, assisting with churches in need of a drummer, and/or any paying gigs that could use my services.

Drumming Styles

  • Rock

  • Funk/Blues

  • Gospel/Contemporary Christian

  • R&B/Hip Hop

  • Pop/Dance

  • Folk/Acoustic


Drum Set & Gear

  • Vintage TAMA Rockstar Kit

    • TAMA SLP Studio Maple Snare​ / Mapex Warbird Walnut Snare

  • Zildjian Cymbals (vintage/classic sound)

    • A Avedis 14" Hi-Hats

    • A Avedis 19" Crash/Ride

    • A Avedis 22" Ride

Video Performances
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