Pierce Pop Art strives to continually innovate and expand our reach within the social media and pop culture realm. In addition to our nerdy merchandise and professional design and production services, Pierce Pop Art is proud to introduce our Entertainment Division!

Bruno Plays Drums

On top of his artistic ability, Bruno has been playing drums for nearly 20 years. Self-taught with a natural pocket groove, Bruno taught himself to read music and joined his high school drum line. While in the drum line, he was taught by former Drum Corp International instructors on dynamics, feel, and technique.

Explore Bruno's musical style, influence, history, booking details and more!

Quit The Build

Bruno is joined by fellow teammates, streamers, and veteran gamers each with their own unique playstyle and sense of humor. Together, they're part of the Pierce Pop Art sponsored Gaming/Streaming Team: Quit The Build.  

Join Team QTB every day at various times for each individual live show! Follow the team and show your support.


Introducing the Owner & Artist of Pierce Pop Art, Bruno Pierce- also known as Onurb/iONURB in the gaming world. The voice of the animated character, Smoker Lady Erma, Bruno hosts a nightly live Twitch featuring live animated characters, merchandise giveaways, top-notch gameplay, and lots of fun!

Join iONURB every day around 10p PST for the live show. Special day streams on Monday & Friday at 2:30p PST. 

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