Bruno Pierce
Erma Fufushnick  
Smoker Lady
Jeremy Fufushnick
Effin Jeremy (Coming Soon)

Before Pierce Pop Art, Bruno was a premium content creator for YouTube. With an audience of over 25,000 subscribers and millions of views, Bruno aka iONURB entertained the video game community with his voice acting and improvisation skills. All content was recorded live and unfiltered leading to hilarious, and sometimes crude, conversations and comedy featuring his original character: Smoker Lady Erma.

In August of 2018, Pierce Pop Art began working with local marketing and animation studio, Mr. Bray Studios to breathe new life into this well-developed character. The result was nothing short of spectacular. After a blistering paced month of creativity, Bruno designed the animated character for Smoker Lady Erma while Mr. Bray Studios assisted in rigging the character for live animation. 

Bridging the gap between comedy and art, Pierce Pop Art is proud to present featuring our live animated character,  Smoker Lady Erm Erma is a 60-something baby boomer with a love for video games and a disdain for her 40-year-old basement dwelling son, Jeremy. Using Adobe Character Animator, Bruno is able to synchronize the lip and head movement of Erma via a live webcam. With the assistance of Streamlabs OBS, Smoker Lady Erma was brought to life.

Our stream is rated PG-13 (due to nature of video game content and online interactions) and is similar to the humor of Bob's Burgers and The Simpsons. Pierce Pop Art maintains a respectful chat to ensure a positive and fun experience. Follow the channel for updates on when we go live, monthly giveaways, coupon codes, and more! 

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