Keep Calm and Quit The Build!

Welcome to Team QTB! We're a team of friends, streamers, competitors, comedians, and overall gaming enthusiasts. We play to win but never forget to have fun. Featuring hilarious comedy, top-notch gameplay, interesting insights, and an overall fun and positive environment.

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Founder of Quit The Build, Bruno aka iONURB assembled the team in October 2015. Bruno has been gaming since he was about 5 years old and has been a veteran Xbox player for 13 years now.

Join iONURB every day around 10p PST for the live show. 

Kungfu Penguin
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I am Joel, the KungFuPenguin. Welcome to the Igloo. I love to have fun & KungFu all the things. Join me for gamin, singin, dancin, & nunchuk-in the enemies with flipper precision. 

Streams every Mon-Wed-Fri around 8pm EST. Extra streams almost every day!

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My name is Justin AKA NightStriider. I'm a medical professional in my off time but at heart I'll always be a gamer. I look to bring the joy to you that I get when I play games. Not only will you catch me streaming games but I'll also be streaming when I paint in Photoshop!


I hope to see you soon and welcome to Team Quit the Build!

Action Biscuit
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Nick aka Action Biscuit brings the spice with a wide variety of games, and the action packed Biscuit Board segment where anything could happen! Streaming 5 nights a week with bonus streams! It's lights, camera, Action Biscuit!

The Dudeist Monk

My name is Terry aka The Dudeist Monk. I am a casual gamer who enjoys playing games with my friends. I will mostly be streaming Nintendo Switch games, but I also play XBox.


Follow my channel and don't miss any of the Terry Tries segments where I attempt to play games to the best of my ability, usually with hilarious results.

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